Welcome to my website where I hope you enjoy reading about my spy thrillers, and the background to how I started writing. Each of my novels can be read as standalone book, but The Failsafe Query is a great start to learn about the gritty, colourful, and engaging characters who go on to even riskier episodes in my second and third novels, The Kompromat Kill, and The Moscow Whisper 

Book 1 - The hunt for a killer legacy

Tense, fast paced, and insightful, The Failsafe Query twists and turns to a satisfyingly dramatic finale.

The Failsafe Query is a Spy and Forensic thriller, that tells the tale of unpredictable Cold War spy intrigue, timelessly merged with modern day cyber and forensic intelligence, as the legacy of an unknown list of Russian moles in the British establishment surfaces for the first time in decades.


Sean Richardson, a disgraced former intelligence agent, is tasked to lead a team to search for Alfie Chapman, an Intelligence officer on the cusp of exposing thousands of secrets to the media. This includes a long lost list of Russian moles embedded since the Cold War, one of whom remains a public favourite in the British parliamentary system.

The action moves with absorbing pace and intrigue across Central Asia and Europe as the puzzle begins to unfold through a deep hidden legacy.

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"A thoroughly captivating book. Action packed with a very clever plot."

"I was hooked in the blink of an eye. Quite unputdownable."

"A cracking debut from an author to watch"

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Book 2 - The Deadly Hunt for a Spy Ring

'They were preparing for decades - now it's time to take them down......' 

A Diplomat vanishes........

A Bomb Disposal Expert goes rogue......

The race to uncover the plot must not fail.....

'Hiding overseas with a price on his head, Sean Richardson is tasked to lead a deniable operation to hunt down and recruit an international model and spy.


Moving across Asia Minor and Europe, Sean embarks on a dangerous journey tracking an Iranian spy ring who hold the keys to a set of consequences the British Intelligence Services would rather not entertain.'


Book 3 - Hunting down the merchants of death 

Publication day 12 June 2020

‘Sometimes you have to enter the death zone to save the innocent ’

A top-secret clique of former spies meet for dinner to hatch a plan to murder a competitor, not knowing that they are under surveillance from a covert arm of British Intelligence.


Hours later, with bodies strewn across a terrace, a piece of secret intelligence reveals an international plot of colossal magnitude.

For disgraced agent Sean Richardson, this is the beginning of a deniable mission to infiltrate and disrupt a group of Russian mercenaries who are working clandestinely to take over a nation state.

Acting covertly as an illicit arms trafficker, Sean is dropped into a deadly cauldron of terrorism and high-tech weaponry that will take a nation down. As the bullets fly and the chaos rains in, can Sean take down the merchants of death…..or has he finally met his match?


Michael Jenkins

I started climbing at 13, survived being lost in Snowdonia at 14, nearly drowned at 15, and then joined the Army at 16. Risk and adventure was built into my DNA and I feel very fortunate to have served the majority of working career in HM Armed forces as a soldier and officer within the Corps of Royal Engineers, working within the Defence Intelligence and EOD communities.  My experiences within the services involved lots of travel and adventure, both on operations and also on many major mountaineering and exploration expeditions that I both led and was involved in.

These experiences, over many decades, helped forge an indelible passion for reading about geo-political affairs and the many deeds of derring-do of British diplomats and military officers, particularly in the era of the nineteenth century ‘Great Game’.


This, alongside the larger than life characters I met, and the often intriguing world of geo-politics led me to start writing novels. The Failsafe Query is my first spy thriller and the second, The Kompromat Kill, was published in 2019.  The Moscow Whisper is due out in June 2020. Not sure how I quite got here, & survived, but writing novels in my middle age is my new risk and adventure……!

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