The failsafe query



A spy and forensic thriller telling the tale of unpredictable Cold War spy intrigue, timelessly merged with modern day cyber and forensic intelligence, as the legacy of an unknown list of Russian moles in the British establishment surfaces for the first time in 37 years.

The emergence of such a toxic list of Cold War spies, and the threat of the surviving people being revealed to the world, sends shudders down the spines of those who had hidden behind the cloak for so many years, and escalates fears within the British intelligence services of who else may have remained as a Russian sleeper agent amongst themselves.

Sean Richardson, a disgraced former government intelligence agent, is asked to lead a team to search for Alfie Chapman, a Defence Intelligence officer, who was on the cusp of exposing thousands of secrets to the press. His whistle blowing included leaking damning evidence of British Government deceit related to the Iraq war as well as a long lost list of Russian moles, one of whom remains a public favourite in the British government.

Alfie is considered to be dead and so begins the race to find his body using the latest of modern day forensic methodology, set amongst a backdrop of cyber investigations and deception by dark forces operating to find the hidden list of moles first.  Each phase of the investigative and forensic developments reveal a new hidden layer to follow the trail of Alfie’s body and also the puzzling clues that would lead to the location of the secret files Alfie wanted to expose as a whistle-blower.  

Very senior establishment figures are left to nurse their nervous anxiety as Sean gets closer to unravelling the clues, the revelation of which would destroy their lives.  Sean remains unaware that the Russians are watching and tracking his every move using high tech surveillance techniques but also reliant on using old fashioned brutality to get what they want.

Sean's eye is taken off the ball as he seeks to protect Alfie’s aide.  Melissa is an investigative journalist who finds herself caught up in a maelstrom of Russian secret service extortion, with Sean hamstrung in his investigation with her at his side.  She didn't know it, but Melissa held the key to unlock and find the toxic secrets, and Sean uses modern neuro science techniques to enter her subconscious mind.

The high stakes of protecting the government fall to Sean and Jack, a senior MI5 officer who concocts an irregular and deniable operation on behalf of Dominic Hart, Britain’s highest ranking spook in the home office who had been forced out from MI6.   With an eye on his future Dominic’s ruthless scheming brings credence to Sean's senses of not trusting anyone.  He has to solve the puzzle himself, knowing full well that the truth of why he was brought back was concealed amongst a kaleidoscope of inter-agency politics.  The thrilling and violent climax sees a race to save lives and careers amongst an untangling of hidden Spy’s with a final exposé.  

Moving across Central Asia and Europe, with a twist in the plot at each stage of uncovering the clues, Sean eventually unlocks the list of moles and some of Alfie’s own secrets of government cover ups.  In what appeared to be a simple task of protecting the list of spies, the final word and twist of fate is left to the Director of MI5 to deliver the hammer blow – and open the doors to a new post Brexit Government.



Sean Richardson, British Intelligence Officer

Alfie Chapman, Defence Intelligence Officer

Jack, MI5

Melissa Morgan, Investigative Journalist

Dominic Atwood, Director of Homeland Security, Home Office

Swartz, SAS Officer

JJ, Ex SAS Commander

General Yuri Yakubov, Uzbek Secret Service

Jonathon Hirst, FCO Ambassador

Billy Phish, FBI & British Police Geo-forensic expert

Jugsy, Defence Intelligence Officer

Jane, Military Intelligence Operator

Natalie, Russian Secret Service

Gregory, Russian Secret Service SVR

Liz, Criminal Forensic scientist

Phil, Ex Bomb Disposal Explosives expert

Chris, Jim, Barky Ex Bomb Disposal searchers

Mike, Foz, Forensic canines

Edward, FCO Civil Servant

Samantha, GCHQ Liaison Officer