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Nov 2020

The Failsafe Thriller becomes a UK Amazon best seller at no #1 in Travel, Adventure fiction.

Sept 2020

The Moscow Whisper becomes an Amazon best seller at no #1 in Terrorism Thrillers in Australia and Canada.

July 2020

The Kompromat Kill becomes a UK Amazon best seller at no #1 in Historical Middle East Fiction.

June 2020

The Moscow Whisper - Published 12th June 2020.


Hits number #10 Kindle Terrorism Thrillers.

May 2020

Serialisation of The Moscow Whisper featured on Pigeonhole.

The Moscow Whisper on pre-sale ready for publication on June 17th.

July 2019


The Kompromat Kill Book launch party in London!

June 2019


The Kompromat Kill - Publication day at The Churchill War Rooms.

May 2019

Serialisation of the novel featured on Pigeonhole.

The Kompromat Kill on pre-sale ready for publication on June 19th.

Jan 2019

The Failsafe Query is still top #30 in UK Kindle edition for Political thrillers - thanks to everyone who has bought the edition!

The first draft of The Kompromat Kill is complete and now the editing begins!


Sept 2018

29 five *star ratings out of 30 on Amazon UK, and 60 ratings on Goodreads averaging 4.4 * stars


Aug 2018

The Failsafe Query hits number #6 spot in UK kindle best sellers for Political Thrillers and number # 8 for Espionage!


July 2018

Published ! With a fabulous launch party on 24 July.

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Reviews of The Failsafe Query

"Fast-paced and topical, this book is packed with chilling insights."

"A cracking debut from an author to watch."

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