The Failsafe Query was brought about in a rather different way to most others. It was funded directly by readers through Unbound, an imprint of Penguin Random House.


This new way of publishing is actually a very old idea (Samuel Johnson funded his dictionary this way). Unbound just use the internet to help build each writer a network of patrons.


Within the book you’ll find the names of all the people who made this book happen.


A huge thanks to all my patrons who have helped bring this story alive..........

Special acknowledgements

With special thanks to the following supporters who went a long way to make this novel come to fruition:

Rebecca Jenkins, Ian Trayling, Martin Foster, Mark Weatherley, Russell Vincett, Matthew Brodrick, John Malcolm, Mark Verard, Justin Lewis, Dean Davison, Nick Atkinson.

And a huge thank you to our magnificent Patrons:

John A Geoff Adams Nick Atkinson Matthew Avery Mic Badger Jason Ballinger Katie Barber Brian Barkworth Stuart Batey John Bebbington Alissa Bell Jim Blackburn Lance Bradwell Matthew Brodrick Andrew Brooker Joseph Burne Ali Burns Dave Campey Trev Canner Dean Carrick Andrew Clarke Lucas Cohen Rebecca Cole Chris Conneally Simon Cosh Jason Creswell Dale Creswell Malcolm Davies Dean Davison Shane Deakin Christian Donelan Neil Drew Steve Duff-Godfrey Mariana Dumitrascu Stuart Fairnington Mark Foskett Martin Foster Joan Frazer Simon Gately Alisa Gill Peter Goodwin Alice Gould Shane Greene James Gregory Jo Hall Glyn Hannah Ben Hawkins Chris Hawthorne Greg Henson David Hirst Jim Holl Guy Horne Tom Hughes David Humphrey MBE Mark Jackson Sarah Jane Duff-Godfrey P.I. Jenkins Luke Jenkins Ramina Jenkins Matthew Jenkins Rebecca Jenkins Dan Kieran Vincent King Joe King Richard Knowles Chris Lambert Jon Leighton Justin Lewis John Malcolm Major Mark Simpson RE Peter Markham Guy Marshlain Gary Merritt Bryan Miller Jason Miller John Mitchinson Mark Molyneaux Nicholas Mould Carlo Navato Mark O’Neill Gary O’Shea Bryan Osborne Sean Owen Phil Paul Justin Pollard Paul (Ginge) Potter Ray Powell Dave Robson Steve Shores Toni Smerdon Bruce Springett Nina Stutler Phil Sullivan Mark Swindells Graham Symes Martin Thomson Gary Toombs Spike Townsend Ian Trayling Will Turner Terry Vass Mark Vent Mark Verard Russell Vincett Paul Wakefield Mark Weatherley on behalf of Avigilon UK Matt Williams Andy Wood Jeremy Wray Darren Young Alan Beeton Lance Buttress Penny Carr Ian Clarkson Robin Courtney Bennett Jimmy Coyle Clare Darbyshire Amanda Elliott Brian Lunn Richard Mallinson Neil Manchester Stuart McKears Diego Montoyer Tim Pass Matt Pilborough Darius Smith Kevin Strauther Jon Washington Derek Wilson