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From the battlefield to the boardroom:

Mick Jenkins MBE

Our special guest this episode is Mick Jenkins MBE, CISO for Brunel University London. Mick is a former counterterrorist officer and published novelist, and has led some incredibly innovative changes at his organization to turn their cybersecurity approach around.


The New CISO Podcast


Episode 7: Understanding the Adversary

Mick Jenkins, Chief Information Security Officer at Brunel University & a former Counter Terrorism officer in the British Armed Forces speaks with Steve Moore about the ideological similarities between defending against terrorists versus cyber criminals, the benefits of mentorship throughout your career in security, and the re-emergence of Soviet era espionage techniques.



THE Secret CSO: Michael Jenkins MBE, 

Covid-19 and the reality of digital espionage

To understand the motivation behind these attacks and how organisations researching Covid-19 should respond, Techerati spoke to two of the UK’s leading cybersecurity experts: Steve Moore, Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam, and Mick Jenkins, CISO of Brunel University, London.