Silhouette of Soldiers

Failsafe Intrigue

Are you fascinated with the world of geo-politics and the dark actors of espionage? Throughout my career and while writing authentic spy thrillers, I've had to know who the adversaries are, their capability, and how they operate. So I thought I'd develop this page for an insight into some of the most intriguing intelligence services in the world - and the way they confuse like ghosts.

‘The fog of war swirls within the darkness of hybrid conflict where proxy soldiers, unmarked special forces, cyber espionage and propaganda confuse as ghosts to obscure its true purpose….’


MJ, Barcelona 2020

So, I thought we'd start with the Russian GRU - a longstanding adversary of Sean's in the Kompromat Kill and The Moscow Whisper.

The Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is the Military Intelligence branch of Russia with extensive and high-tech capability that has been projected across the globe. The GRU has a particularly potent cyber outfit in the 85th Main Special Service Center (GTsSS) military unit 26165, whose activity has been quite prolific over recent years. They are often given curious names  such as Fancy Bear, Strontium, or APT 28,

Work in progress

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