Mt Maunganui And Tauranga, aerial view .



Due Publication April 2021
The beginning of the second trilogy which see's Sean Richardson up against a new and terrifying enemy.
The themes of the novel are based on current global activities that sets the course for an intriguing odyssey of espionage across New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Central Asia and London.

Available February 2021

When espionage turns into global terror, only one man can stop it


When four eminent British scientists are kidnapped by a shadowy global organisation, disgraced agent Sean Richardson is called in to conduct a simple mission – to track down and rescue a Whistle-blower who holds the secrets to their startling master-plan.

After witnessing her assassination, Sean is propelled into a game of geo-political espionage, audaciously determined to infiltrate a secret society and disrupt a plot that would lead to terrifying acts of war.

As Sean investigates deeper, he uncovers a complex cabal shrouded in absolute secrecy. Far from home and surrounded by the enemy, only sabotage can stop the global carnage. But can Sean survive long enough to prevent further attacks on an unimaginable scale.…?


Sean Richardson, British Intelligence Officer

Jack H, MI5

General Xin, Secret Society leader

Geordie Carrow, British Crime Lord

Trinity, Chinese defector

Laura Creswell, CIA Station Chief

Billy Phish, FBI & British Police Geo-forensic expert

Jugsy, Defence Intelligence Officer

Phil, Ex Bomb Disposal Explosives expert

Samantha, GCHQ Liaison Officer

One-eyed Damon - Army veteran fixer